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Big Trout Lake Loop – Algonquin

Algonquin’s Big Trout Lake Loop has it all with easy access off of Canoe Lake’s Highway 60 Access Point. With scenic landscapes, big and small lakes, creeks, rivers, wetlands and most importantly, short portages; it’s known as one of the more popular backcountry destinations in Algonquin Park.

Trip Date: August 25-30, 2020

Here is a recount of our canoe trip through Algonquin’s Big Trout Lake Loop. As you can see in the map image below, we did the loop counter clockwise spending our first night on Burnt Island Lake. Then after making our way up the Otterslide we stayed at Big Trout Lake and White Trout Lake. We made our last camp at McIntosh Lake to complete the loop. If you haven’t already, check out our video log of the loop as well!

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