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Royalex: A history and Viable Alternatives

Royalex is no longer an option.

For an avid whitewater canoeist, a durable boat is an important factor when running rapids. Not only is durability important, but also the boat must be made out of a flexible and buoyant material. Royalex is a material that provided all of these benefits, at a reasonable cost to canoe manufacturers. After an acquisition of PolyOne Corp. in 2013, the production of Royalex and the sheets that were once manufactured by PolyOne came to a complete stop in 2014. [5] For over 35 years, Royalex had formed a reputation for the most durable canoe building raw materials that does not sacrifice weight. [11] In 2014 after the closing of Royalex manufacturing, there became a clear market opportunity for a material that was as light as Royalex while maintaining high durability similar to polyethylene and aluminium based boats. Continue reading Royalex: A history and Viable Alternatives